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Flute and Art :: Interwoven

Creativity is everywhere, in our fashion, when taking photos on our phone, writing a social media post, observing the trees that move in the wind or simply our day to day problem solving.

This is an interview with a very talented creative woman named Sally from Benalla Victoria who works across a few art forms.

Here is a YouTube link to hear a sample of Sally Wallace's creative musical skill.

Sally, how did you become interested in your current creative practice?

I’d always wanted to weave baskets but hadn’t the faintest idea where to start. Then providence dealt me the best hand in the form of some lovely Indigenous ladies in Shepparton who were holding workshops by the lake. I spent my 30th wedding anniversary, with the blessing of my husband who was learning other things, learning how to weave.

Do you act on all your creative ideas?

Probably, yes. Usually my ideas come from the need to solve a particular problem in an aesthetic way (and for not much money) so I am always upcycling and repurposing things to meet my wants and needs. I might not act on an idea immediately but I have a very full back burner.

Have you ever reached a standstill where you thought your current project had become impossible?

No….but other matters might sometimes take centre-stage and a project may have to wait a while to finish but I usually get back to things and finish them. Ideally I have learned a lot more in the interim.

How do you get inspired to create?

It’s usually a form of problem solving. A painting might be a gift, I need a doorstop, I can’t afford the large urns I want for my garden…. I create to resolve these matters.

What challenges have you faced in your creative work?

The perennial problem is time, or more accurately, conflicting priorities. I can’t always prioritise my creative work but one day??????

Do you have other avenues of creative expression?

I play music and I used to sing in a choir but I vary the kinds of creative projects I work on quite dramatically; as the whim or need takes me

Can you imagine a life without art? No. It took me a long time to realise that art was my “hot button” but it’s always been there - in my life. Art is everywhere, whether intentional as in a painting, architecture or a piece of jewellery or the marvellous and magical moments; sunlight after a rainstorm, dew on a leaf or the beauty of a spider’s web. I don’t think it’s possible to be without art.

What advice would you give someone looking to become more self-expressive? It’s been said before, of course. Just do it! Find the creative activity that fires you up, intrigues you or that gives you inner peace and go with it. Learn from others, be open to new ideas and put yourself into an environment which nurtures your interests.

If you would like to contact Sally to find out where and when she is next performing or where she sells her art work please use the contact form on this page or follow Sally on Facebook

Thankyou for sharing your insights with us Sally!

Some of Sally's creations

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