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Wishing all creative friends and supporters health and happiness for the new year.

a man is crouching down and playing with a dog. The man is wearing a yellow and white bucket hat
Natural buckthorn dye printed bucket hat. Worn by Joe with special guest Moses.

I've had some rest time over the holidays but now it's time to look ahead to the fabulous new year and set some realistic goals.

Goal 1 - More planning. I want to exhibit my work in the exhibitions that are always scheduled throughout the year. I am usually too late to enter and am always disappointed.

Goal 2 - Regular exercise. Time to enjoy my surrounds on a morning walk.

Goal 3 - Start a routine that gets me to the studio each morning at the same time.

Goal 4 - Give myself time to sketch for 10 minutes each day when I enter the studio.

Goal 5 - Continue experimenting with natural dyes.

What do you have on your list?

These images are of 100% cotton screen printed and stamped with natural dye. I have used this material to make bucket hats to wear on our hot Australian summer days.

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