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Music, Art and Life

How good is it to just give yourself permission to enjoy a piece of music?

Imaging tests of our brains reveal that music can release feel-good hormones. It's the emotional connection that the music evokes that can have a direct effect on our mood.

I experienced this last night when I went to a concertina recital. There were quite a few performers and each played 2 tunes. The different styles of the performers were interesting but when the slow airs were played I noticed that the music was reaching into my body and I was feeling connected to the instrument, performer and the tune.

It could be that I was relaxed, focussed and listening. When we listen to music or create our artwork we are finding meaning in our own life, a connection with others and a sense of accomplishment.

I encourage you to play or listen to that tune you love, get out your paint brush, dye pot or camera and just play and see what happens....

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