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This Was A Disappointing Day

I have researched this cyanotype technique and thought I’d nailed it this time but as you can see from the results, I need to return to the drawing board.

I had washed the rocks and prepared them with gesso, the clear variety. This was my second attempt. The first was using white gesso.

I then applied the cyanotype solution and dried them overnight. All was going well.

The next day was sunny so out they went with different botanicals on them to get some good shapes….

The cyanotype washed off the stones and very little was imprinted!

Further research is needed…

Taking risk and pushing boundaries is what makes your art progress. When you are creating a work, you can just do your usual thing or experiment and fail. Maybe you fail a few times then suddenly you find that you have a lightbulb moment or start down a path to something else. I'm looking for that lightbulb moment.....

Embrace your creative spirit and don’t be afraid to experiment with new things.

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