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Tips on Creating Your Own Art Studio

My creative space was always hot and it was always cold. It was my shed! I wanted to make being creative a habit and I needed a space to do this that was comfortable. I needed somewhere I could ‘switch gears’ and create distance from my normal life. Here is a video of the stages of my shed becoming my art studio.

It has taken 18 months to change my shed into my studio. I decided I needed some paid work to cover the costs so I got a position at the Benalla Art Gallery as a Digitisation Project Officer for 6 months. In that time I waited for a builder and I -

  • Daydreamed about my ideal art space. I google art studios at home for inspiration.

  • I made a list of my needs. I started by measuring the space. Then I worked out where the power points needed to be placed. I thought about light and decided I needed another window too.

  • There are so many tones of white paint. I collected swatches from the local paint store for the wall paint.

  • Then I looked at what cupboards I needed. I had lots of plastic containers so I just needed some shelving. I googled metal shelving and there are lots of choices.

  • I built up a file of images and information over time from my research.

Now I have a beautiful space in which to be creative.

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