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Winton Wetlands Site Specific Project

Grasses and soil in shape of cocoon on branch of tree
Found grasses and soil at Winton Wetlands. This chrysalis represents strength, endurance and spirituality.

It’s time to start working on my Winton Wetlands site specific art project.

Winton Wetlands is just a few kilometres from my home in North East Victoria and I have been having a relationship with the wetlands since 2016.

The Winton Wetlands is in a restoration stage and focusses on the environmental, social, spiritual and cultural significance of the site. It has had a long diverse history and more information can be found here.

From camping overnight to frequent visits to the many special sites of the wetlands I have been able to gain an understanding of the importance of this ephemeral site. I have seen the wetlands in drought and in flood. I have witnessed a beautiful swan egg sitting proudly on a nest whilst kayaking. I have also run away from tiger snakes and experienced the loud wailing calls of hundreds of cockatoos as I approached their flock.

Now to create.....

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